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Resident Advisor Selection

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Apply To Be A Resident Advisor!

Everything is awesome!

Being a Resident Advisor (RA) is an experience unlike any other. As an RA, you will: develop meaningful relationships with your residents, build community within your building and floor, balance your academic responsibilities with your RA responsibilities, address student's concerns and needs, plan and execute programming, confront conflict situations, embrace diversity, and foster life-long relationships. You are the example for your peers!

The Residence Life Department needs qualified, responsible, and energetic students to be leaders in the residence halls. Being an RA comes with many benefits along with a lot of responsibility, and only the best-qualified candidates are chosen. Resident Advisors are peer advisors trained to assist students with academic, personal or behavioral problems. RAs are selected because of experience, leadership ability, and interest in others. They help residents grow socially and academically by maintaining a close relationship with each student and by fostering an effective living-learning environment.

Eligibility for the RA position
  • Have at least one semester of experience as a full-time student at St. Ambrose or another institution.
  • Cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher.
  • Able to commit to one full academic year as a Resident Advisor.

Other important things to consider
  • Job responsibilities: Take some time to review the RA Contract and the Confidentiality Statement to gain an understanding of what the position entails.
  • Talking with a current RA: Talking with a peer who has experience as an RA will give you an idea of what being an RA is all about.
  • Compensation: RAs receive free on-campus housing and a $1,000 stipend over a 10 month period ($100 per month).
  • Training for Fall 2015 RAs tentatively begins August 12th, 2015. Spring 2016 training tentatively begins January 13, 2016. Presence at training is required. More details will be given to those selected.

Application process

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! To begin the official application process, please download, complete (please type), and submit the documents listed in the next section.  Please note that you must have a 2.5 GPA at the time of hire.

Download and complete

The following are due Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 by 10a.m.

  • Please fill out part 1 of the application by clicking on this link
  • Resident Advisor (RA) Application, including cover letter and resume.  Please download, fill out, and rename the document "(yourlastname)_RA_application" (for example: Durbin_RA_Application) and send to or turn in to the Residence Life Office in the Rogalski Center.
Resources for cover letter and resume

Instructions for the cover letter and resume are on the RA application. The SAU Career Center is a great resource for resume and cover letter tips.

Students are strongly encouraged to view the Resume Tutorial, Resume samples, and Cover Letter information located on the Career Center homepage.


Interviews will be as offered to select candidates, and will occur between June 29 and July 2nd.

Applicants will be notified of their status when hiring is complete.

If you have any questions regarding the Resident Advisor selection process, please contact Residence Life at 563/333-6258.

Background Check: St. Ambrose University reserves the right conduct background checks on Resident Advisor applicants. If criminal charges or unethical behavior are found, the candidate may be removed from the applicant pool and any type of offer may be withdrawn.

Whats Next

If you have any questions regarding the Resident Advisor (RA) selection process, contact Residence LIfe by calling 563/333-6258.