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Internal Affairs
Chair: Ruth Morency

Responsible for maintaining the Constitution, the facilitation of elections, planning the SGA and faculty/staff dinner, and hosting social events for the organization.

Public Relations
Chair: Ethan Foltz
Responsible for the publicity of SGA events and activities, designating a Technical Coordinator that maintains the webpage and a Deputy Secretary to publish SGA happenings.

Student Concerns
Chair: Celeste Raya

Responsible for planning open forums, attaining and advertising student discounts, and addressing general student concerns.

Community Committee
Chair: Nina Costa

Responsible for issues pertaining to the wellbeing of the University, i.e. organizing events such as "Bee the Difference Day" and SGA's involvement in "The Taste of Ambrose"; designates a Facilities Coordinator, a Spiritual Ambassador, and a Community Service Coordinator.

Finance and Clubs/Organizations Committee
Chair: Kevin Annis

Responsible for working with clubs and organizations on money requests and keeping detailed records of all money requests in an organized manner.