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Eligible students may run for the following positions:

  • Class Officers (12 Total Positions)

  • Senior/Junior/Sophomore/Freshman Class President, Vice President, Senator

  • College Senators (12 Total Positions)

  • (4) Senators, College of Education & Health Sciences

  • (4) Senators, College of Arts & Sciences

  • (4) Senators, College of Business

    ** Freshman candidates are not limited to the Freshman class positions. Freshman may campaign for a respective college if they have declared their major with Records and Registration.**

The senator and executive board petition packets will be posted soon.


Election Process:
Elections are held in the spring and fall of each year. The election process starts with a petition that requires thirty (30) signatures from students in either one's college of study or one's class, depending on the position being run for. Candidates running for Student Body President and Vice President must complete a petition of two-hundred (200) signatures (one petition for both both candidates.) Once a petition is completed, it should be turned in to the SGA office for verification. Candidates are also required to attend at least two SGA meetings in order to be eligible for the election. Once a petition is validated and campaign materials approved at the mandatory campaigning meeting, a candidate may begin campaigning for his or her desired position. 

Petition Process:
While elections are held each semester, positions are often vacant throughout the year. In order to fill one of these positions, one may petition on. The petitioning process requires thirty (30) valid signatures from students either within one's college of study or within one's class, depending on the position being pursued. Once a petition is completed, it should be turned in to the SGA office. Once a petition is verified, the candidate must present it to the senate at one of the regularly scheduled SGA meetings.