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Students Emerging as Leaders

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Students Emerging ALeaders (SEAL) is a dynamic leadership program for First Year/transfer students who are excited about continuing their journey toward personal growth, social responsibility and building community on campus.

The Co-Directors of the program are Ramona Amos from the Office of Student Activities and Jessica Nash from the Office of First Year Experience. 

Students are elected to SEAL per the recommendation of his or her new student seminar instructor, Peer Assistant, or faculty/staff member. By joining SEAL, students will participate in a 50-minute, once per week, discussion-based workshop adapted from the "Leadership Self-Assessment: Assessing Your Leadership Skills and Leadership Development" aimed to better assess and improve leadership skills.  

Additionally, if interested in participating, students will be split into groups to work on a project in relation to the current school year's theme or a project of their choosing. For example, the 2014 theme was sustainability. The 2014 SEAL group of 15 students worked together to bring back or (sustain) The Swarm. The Swarm is the student cheering section during the sports games on campus. By using effective marketing strategies, communicating with existing clubs on campus, and working together as a group, the SEAL students were able to successfully impact campus and revive The Swarm.  

While working on the project students will gain:

· Strategies to assess and overcome challenges

· A better understanding of own leadership style and collaboration skills

· Skills to develop and manage community and organizational politics

· Techniques to empower, motivate, and inspire others

· Experience for resume building

· Recognition among the SAU and quad cities community

Students will work in their groups on their projects from January through March. At the end of the project, students will be asked to promote and present a formal 10 to 15 minute presentation of their findings to staff, faculty, and students.

As a result of participating in the SEAL program, past participants of the SEAL program self-reported to have improved in the areas of Social and Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Leading Groups, Organizational Leadership, Leadership for Diversity, Civic Leadership, and more.

The 2014 participants have become known student leaders among faculty and staff and have earned many leadership roles on campus such as New Student Seminar Peer Assistants, Students Trained as Role Models, Student Coordinators, and executive board positions in many clubs. Our goal in SEAL is to help students focus on their strengths and improve in other areas to help them thrive as a leader. 

If you are first year student and interested in this program, please contact Ramona Amos from the Office of Student Activities at or Jessica Nash from the Office of First Year Experience at

The "Leadership Self-Assessment:  Assessing Your Leadership Skills & Leadership Development" has been excerpted from: Mets, Cuseo, & Thompson (2013). Peer-to-Peer Leadership: Transforming Student Culture. Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt.