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Ambrosians Collaborating Together

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Core Objective: As part of Ambrosians Collaborating Together (A.C.T.)–a new and highly individualized "collaborators" program–students, with the help of faculty and staff, will facilitate the enhancement of social support and community level awareness, as well as design, plan, manage, operate, and evaluate unique opportunities for professional and academic development.

A Collaborator IS...                                              A Collaborator IS NOT...

- a professional and social support.

- someone with similar professional interests and goals.

- a Committed, equal component of an important two-way relationship.

- someone who works and communicates to eliminate social and cultural boundaries.

- a realistic goal-setter.

- an empathetic, proactive listener.

- unselfish in their collaboration.

- adaptable and flexible in the context of a constantly fluid relationship.

- consistent and caring

- resilient and reliable.

- a potential pathway to new life experience

- selfish or judgmental.

- someone to do things for you.

- unaccountable.

- superior or inferior, but always an equal.

- full of unrealistic expectations.

- a professional, academic, or social saboteur.

- a defender of the status quo.

- biased or close-minded.

- an advisor or a counselor, unless the relationship dictates it.

- unwilling or uncommitted to the relationship.

- hurtful, condescending, or patronizing in any way.

Roles and Responsibilities: Collaborators will be matched based on similar academic and professional interests and individual roles and responsibilities will vary depending on the relationship. The key to a successful partnership is to facilitate an understanding with your collaborator early, establish mutually beneficial guidelines (i.e. meeting times, methods of communication, short term goals, expectations for the program, etc.) and to follow through with them.

An ideal relationship based on collaboration is free from the boundaries and limitations caused by unequal power constructs, perceived or real, and always functions with the best interests of the group or dyad in mind rather than the interests of an individual.

A collaborator is open-minded, experienced, of high moral character, available, focused, honest, and always believes in the potential of their fellow collaborators.

Here is a link to the program application (.doc). If you are interested in becoming a part of this pilot program, please take the time to fill it out and email it to