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Student Organization Council

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The Student Organization Council (SOC) supports the establishment of current and new clubs and organizations. To help bring clubs and organizations together, the SOC sponsors regularly scheduled meetings for the representatives of all clubs and organizations. This creates a forum of communication between the larger organizations and the smaller clubs and allows one club to voice its needs to others so that resources may be pooled for events. This cooperation combines both monetary and human resources in the hopes that broader, more diverse relationships may be created among students.

The SOC also works with Students Activities and other groups to coordinate leadership events on-campus and help publicize any off-campus leadership opportunities for St. Ambrose University student leaders. The organization's purpose is:

  • to encourage clubs and organizations to share resources (financial, knowledge, human etc.).
  • to encourage collaborative programming by making others aware of programs being currently planned.
  • to help disseminate information to organizations about off-campus leadership and service opportunities.