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Meeting Agenda

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In order to keep meetings on tasks, a great way to keep meetings going smoothly is by adopting Robert's Rules of Order or by creating some form of an agenda. *Here is a great way to structure a meeting.

I. Opening Remarks
II. Reading and Approval of Minutes
III. Reports from Officers
     a. President
     b. Vice-President
     c. Secretary
     d. Treasurer
IV. Old Business
V. New Business
VI. Adjourn

Using this guide as a format to create your own meeting agendas is a great way to keep on task in meetings, make sure you talk about everthing you want to cover in your meeting, and helps to create order in meetings.


*Adapted and revised from Robert III, H. M., Evans, W. J., Honemann, D. H., & Balch, T. J. (2004). What Happens at a Meeting? In Robert's rules of order newly revised. (1st ed.). (pp. 11-17). Sarasota, Florida: Da Capo Press.