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Students in the library

Read & Write Gold

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Verification Forms

Verification of ADHD (pdf)

Verification of Learning Disability (pdf)

Verification of Medical Disability (pdf)

Verification of Psychological Disability (pdf)

Alternate Exam Arrangement

Exam modifications may include extended time, large print tests, separate testing room, or use of a reader, scribe, or computer. These modifications  give students the chance to better demonstrate their understanding of the course content and adjust for the limitations caused by their disability when taking certain kind of exams.

Alternative Exam Form (pdf)

Alternative Format Materials

Textbooks or any other printed class material can be obtained in alternative format.

Alternative Format Materials Request Form - Completed online

Note Takers

If the student's disability interferes with taking notes in class, he or she can obtain a copy of class notes from a note taker.

Notetaker Request Form - Completed online