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Applying to Study Abroad

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To whom should I make out my deposit check?
Please make all checks payable to St. Ambrose University unless otherwise stated. 
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How do I upload my transcript?
Copy your transcript from Beeline and save it to your computer. When completing your online application, hit the Browse button to search and upload your transcript from your computer.
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Who should I ask to fill out my reference forms?
Faculty and academic advisors make excellent references! Work study supervisors, hall directors, coaches and mentors are also good choices. Please submit at least one faculty recommendation. Choose people who know you well and can give you an accurate and fair recommendation. If you are applying for an SAU faculty-led program, do NOT ask that faculty leader to be your reference.
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What is a passport photo?
A passport photo is a 2x2 color picture of your head and shoulders, taken from the front. In newer passport photos, you are not allowed to smile. An acceptable passport photo is printed on photo paper. Electronic copies and photocopies are not accepted. Passport photos can be taken at Walgreens for approximately $10 for a set of 2.
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If I already have a passport. Do I still need to turn in a passport photo?
If you are applying for our Carlow, Ireland program or any program in Brazil or India, then yes. You must turn in another passport photo. The passport photo is used for visa applications or for student ID cards.
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I forgot my password to the SAU Study Abroad Portal. What should I do?
You can request that your password be reset from the log in screen of the SAU Study Abroad Portal. Or you can contact the Center for International Education for assistance. 
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