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Study Abroad


Considering Study Abroad

Am I eligible to study abroad?

Students are eligible to apply for semester-long programs if they meet the following requirements:

   1.     At least sophomore status by the beginning of the study abroad program.
   2.     Minimum 2.5 GPA (Some of our programs have a higher minimum GPA).
   3.     No restrictions in Student Accounts or Student Services.

Students are eligible to apply for short-term programs if they meet the following requirements:
   1.     Good academic standing. (SAU faculty leaders can use their discretion on the GPA requirement).
   2.     No restrictions in Student Accounts or Student Services.

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What kinds of study abroad programs does SAU offer?
SAU offers semester-long and short-term study abroad programs. We offer Exchange programs, Provider programs, and SAU short-term faculty-led programs. We also work with several international education partners to offer a wide variety of study abroad, as well as overseas internship and volunteer opportunities.
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What is the best time to study abroad?
Any time is a good time to study abroad! All undergraduate students can participate in a short-term program.  Most semester students study abroad during sophomore or junior year. With careful planning, it is definitely still possible to study abroad during senior year. 

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Will I still graduate on time?
Yes! Students earn between 12-18 credits during their study abroad semester. Students must have their courses approved by their academic advisor(s) prior to departure to ensure that they will receive credit. With a little planning, it should be easy to stay on track!
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Can I afford to study abroad?
Yes! Some semester programs are actually less expensive than spending a semester on campus!

Students participating in a semester exchange program can take their full SAU scholarship package (excluding work study) for one semester.

Students that choose one of our approved semester provider programs may apply up to $4,000 of your SAU scholarship award plus any state/federal aid (excluding work study) to their study abroad costs. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through their program provider and for nationally competitive awards like the Gilman or Boren scholarship.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on funding for study abroad.
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Is study abroad worth the money?
Yes! Studying abroad is a cost-effective way to travel and experience the world while earning college credit. Studying abroad will enable you to grow personally, emotionally, culturally and academically. You'll learn valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication across cultures. Adding international experience to your resume will make you more marketable to employers. Study Abroad is a great investment in your future!
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