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Study Abroad


Internationalization Strategies

Internationalization opportunities abound at St. Ambrose! All it takes is some initiative and planning!

Integrate International Dimensions Into Your Domestic Courses
  • Integrate readings, films, music, art, assignments, lectures, and/or discussions with an international or intercultural focus.
  • Include an experiential learning or service learning component that enables the students to encounter intercultural issues relatively close to campus. Contact Dr. Ryan Dye for more information.
  • Engage in distance team-teaching with our international partners in Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Ecuador, England, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Tanzania and Vietnam or with your own international contacts. Contact Dr. Ryan Dye for more information.
  • Cross-list your course as an IS (International Studies) course by consulting with Dr. Duk Kim.
  • Cross-list your course with Modern Languages and Cultures by consulting with Dr. Arturo Meijide

Pursue an International Professional Development Opportunity
  • Work with your department and college to host an international visiting scholar for two to three weeks. See the Proposal Form.
  • Apply for a traditional Fulbright Scholar Award. SAU has a Leave Policy for Fulbright semester grantees.
  • If you don't want to be away for an entire semester, apply to join the roster of the Fulbright Specialist Program for two to six weeks.
  • Apply for a CIEE Faculty Development Seminar.
  • Apply for an ISA Faculty Seminar.
  • Organize a team to apply for a UISFL Grant to improve undergraduate education in international studies and foreign languages.
  • Conduct joint research and/or host a workshop, seminar, or conference with one or more of our international partners or with your own international contacts.
  • Apply to the Occasional Lecturer Fund to recruit a Fulbright Visiting scholar to campus to exchange ideas and to share their specific research interests for one to three days.

Teach a Course Abroad
  • Discuss with your Department Chair and Dean how integrating a study-abroad course into your regular teaching load can enhance your professional goals, enrich your students, and improve the curriculum.
  • Teach a winterim UMAIE course. You can enroll students from other UMAIE member schools into your course. You will normally teach the course as an overload.
  • Discuss with your Department Chair and Dean about serving as an international visiting scholar. See the Proposal Form here
Service Opportunities 
  • Serve as a Study Abroad Department Representative (SADR) or a Study Abroad Regional Expert (SARE).
  • Assist with the Study Abroad Fair.
  • Promote study abroad in your courses and to your advisees.
  • Help us to plan International Education Week in the fall and Diversity Fest, My SAU Experience, and the International Poetry Reading in the spring. 
  • Participate in the Bee Families program, in which you mentor an international student.
  • Volunteer to be an academic advisor for an international student.
  • Provide educational programming for the International Themed Community in McCarthy Hall.
  • Join us for our International Coffee Hour.