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Study Abroad


When You Come Home

Give yourself time to re-adjust

Jet lag will kick in again when you come home. Make sure you get lots of rest, practice healthy eating and drinking habits, and give yourself time to readjust to life at home. 

Transitioning back to life at home can sometimes be more emotionally challenging than the original adjustment you made upon arriving in your host country. Feeling different in familiar surroundings can be disconcerting to students when they return home from abroad. Maintaining ties to your friends overseas and connecting with other study abroad alumni can help ease any discomfort. The Center for International Education and the Counseling Center are here to listen if you need help coping with re-entry shock.

Watch for signs of illness

Monitor your health for 10 days after your return. If you become ill with a fever plus a cough, sore throat, or trouble breathing during this 10-day period, consult your doctor immediately.