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Travel Apps

Courtesy of Lindsey Sampson, USA TODAY COLLEGE.

The App Store has over 142 separate Triposo apps, each one full of information about one trip destination. Each destination's front page shows the local time, up-to-date currency exchange rate and the top seven things to do. You can bookmark any of these suggestions.

The "Practicalities" tab shows addresses of local public transportation stops, grocery stores and currency exchange locations. The "Travelpedia" tab gives you a quick history lesson on the city, including a list of annual festivals and suggestions of local grub you have to try before you leave. And each Triposo app is available offline, so you don't need Wi-Fi to plan your trip throughout the day!

Evernote lets you make notes on your computer that automatically sync to your phone without Wi-Fi. Save your itinerary, hotel information and address of the closest coffee shop right to your phone for easy access when you're on the go.

Because Snapchat uses Wi-Fi instead of data, you can send those crucial images of your afternoon tea to friends and family, or alienate everyone you love by sending hourly pictures of the beautiful view from your dorm room window in Spain.

While WhatsApp is the more popular app for overseas communication, Viber takes it a step further in terms of functionality. This app uses Wi-Fi, so you can text and even make calls while you're away. The sound quality is different from a regular phone call, but it is ridiculously clear.

Hungry in a new city? Check your Foodspotting app - it scans your location for user-generated photos and reviews of good food in your area. Foodspotting generates recommendations based on your location, so you can choose between lots of delicious options nearby.

Google Translate (best for European languages)
Don't be dumb when you're in a new country. Know what you want to say when you get to the coffee shop. Don't just point and say it sheepishly in English. Get out that Google translate on your way there, figure out what you want to say, practice your pronunciation, and speak proudly.

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