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Leave Policy for Fulbright Award Grantees

Recognizing that it is in both the university's and faculty members' interest to encourage applications for Faculty Fulbright awards, St. Ambrose has created the following policy for supporting faculty members who are granted traditional full Fulbright grants. These include lecturing, lecturing/research, distinguished lecturing, junior lecturing, and research/junior lecturing awards.

  • Faculty members are encouraged to coordinate this award with a St. Ambrose sabbatical. In this case, St. Ambrose will support the faculty member in the same way that other sabbaticals are supported, full salary for one semester or ½ salary for two semesters.
  • Because it is often difficult to coordinate a sabbatical with a Fulbright grant, faculty members accepting full traditional grants but who have not been granted a sabbatical will receive ½ salary for the length of the grant, generally an academic year.
  • Faculty members with Fulbright grants will continue to be considered employees of St. Ambrose University. This means that they will continue to have full health and retirement benefits in accordance with their individual plans, and the time they serve as a Fulbright scholar will be credited toward tenure, promotion, and salary increases.

This policy will apply only to those faculty members who have discussed their plans with the Fulbright Program Advisor, their department chair and their dean in order to ensure that their absence will not compromise their department's ability to offer its courses, and who have been granted Fulbright leave by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Fulbright Program Advisor at St. Ambrose University will bring this policy forward to the President and Cabinet for review at least every three years.