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Asia, the Middle East and the South Pacific

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Peace, Justice and the Environment in Israel and Palestine

Examine how sharing the fragile environment of Israel and Palestine will be instrumental in establishing lasting peace in the region. 
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Social Work in India: Mental Health, Policies and Practices in India and the U.S. (MSW program)

Students will take a comparative approach to the analysis of mental health policies and practices in India and the United States.
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The Political Economy of Thailand

Learn how Thailand's politics, religion, geography, and history influence the development and current performance of its economy.
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War and the Memory of War: Vietnam as a Case Study

This course explores the legacy of the Vietnam War on its participants, both then and now.
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From the Big Temples to the Silver Screen: The Music of South India 

From the Big Temples to the Silver Screen offers rich, profound encounters with South Indian music and musicians and the historic, religious, classical, folk, and popular contexts in which this art grew and still flourishes.
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Trans-Pacific Encounters: U.S. Cross-Cultural History with Japan 

Travel to Japan and Hawaii to explore the complicated story of cultural exchange and conflict, economic ties and competition, as well as war and peace between the Pacific powers of the United States and Japan from the 1850s to the 21st century. 
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