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Business and Asian Studies in Japan

The Asian Studies Program in Hirakata, Japan enables students to explore Japan and Asian studies through classroom instruction and interaction with Japanese people. Students learn about all dimensions of Japanese life including language, business, arts, culture and society.

India's Religious Heritage

A stunning introduction to the religions, beauty, diversity, history, and challenges of the world's largest democracy.

Modern Israel: Its Religions, Histories and Politics

Explore the six religions of modern Israel by traveling from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River and from Haifa through Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Gender, Race, Class, and Mass Media in London

This course explores the crucial roles that journalistic, advertising and entertainment media play in creating, reinforcing and disseminating cultural values about gender, race and ethnicity, and class.

Cuba: Race, Gender and Revolution

Explore the roles of race and gender in Cuba’s rich and revolutionary history.

The French Alps: Its Culture and Biology

Explore the intersection between biology and the people and culture of the Western Alps in this unique summer study abroad opportunity.

Northern Ireland

Through the Irish American Scholars Program, St. Ambrose can nominate three students to study abroad at one of four universities in Northern Ireland for the fall semester.

Spring Semester in the Andes

The Semester in the Andes program features excursions to the Amazon Jungle, the Galapagos Islands, and Machu Picchu in Peru. Living with Ecuadorian host families enables students to have a truly immersive experience.

Pune, India

Students can spend the Spring semester at FLAME in Pune, India. FLAME strives to create a multidisciplinary academic environment that fosters students' holistic development.

Trans-Pacific Encounters: U.S. Cross-Cultural History with Japan

Travel to Japan and Hawaii to explore both the conflict and mutual fascination that has developed between the Americans and Japanese.

Religion and Culture in Villages of India

Explore the religious diversity of India, focusing on Hinduism, Islam, and Eastern Christianity.

Introduction to Hinduism

Vrindavan, India is a holy place of pilgrimage, but it is also home to thousands of children in need of housing, food, fresh water, and education. SAU students will help serve this need by volunteering in various sites in the city.

Rome & Christianity

An exploration of the theological developments that occurred precisely because of the confluence of Judeo-Christianity with Greco-Roman culture.

Chile: Land of Contrasts

To many Americans, Latin America is a mysterious and unfamiliar land. Where would one begin to uncoverthese mysteries? An excellent choice is Chile.

ISEP: International Student Exchange Program

ISEP participants develop intercultural competence and personal maturity through immersion in another culture.

Carlow, Ireland

Learn about Irish culture and complete general education requirements in this friendly college town just two hours from Dublin.

St. Mary's University College London

St. Mary's University College offers all the advantages of a great London location, with the peace and safety of a leafy self-contained campus at Strawberry Hill.