Study Abroad


If your major or minor is in a foreign language, or if you're just interested in developing language skills, studying abroad would be most beneficial.

The department of Modern Languages and Cultures has a list of approved programs for students majoring or minoring in Spanish, French or German Studies.

Business and Asian Studies in Japan

The Asian Studies Program in Hirakata, Japan enables students to explore Japan and Asian studies through classroom instruction and interaction with Japanese people. Students learn about all dimensions of Japanese life including language, business, arts, culture and society.

Cuba: Race, Gender and Revolution

Explore the roles of race and gender in Cuba’s rich and revolutionary history.

ISEP: International Student Exchange Program

ISEP participants develop intercultural competence and personal maturity through immersion in another culture.

Spanish Oral Expression and Culture, Business Spanish in Seville

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Seville, Spain, as you build your language skills and increaseyour cultural understanding in a way that cannot be achieved in a traditional college academic semester.

Chile: Land of Contrasts

To many Americans, Latin America is a mysterious and unfamiliar land. Where would one begin to uncoverthese mysteries? An excellent choice is Chile.