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Study Abroad programs for students majoring in Public Relations and/or Media.


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Hawaii: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations

In “Hawai‘i: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations,” we examine the concepts, theories, andrealities of the way individuals and groups work and communicate in organizations where culture andmulticulturalism play a primary or prominent role.

Gender, Race, Class, and Mass Media in London

This course explores the crucial roles that journalistic, advertising and entertainment media play in creating, reinforcing and disseminating cultural values about gender, race and ethnicity, and class.

Northern Ireland

Through the Irish American Scholars Program, St. Ambrose can nominate three students to study abroad at one of four universities in Northern Ireland for the fall semester.

Pune, India

Students can spend the Spring semester at FLAME in Pune, India. FLAME strives to create a multidisciplinary academic environment that fosters students' holistic development.

The China Experience: Trans-cultural View of Rehabilitation Medicine

Study the practice of rehabilitation medicine in conventional and traditional Chinese Medicine modalities in China.

ISEP: International Student Exchange Program

ISEP participants develop intercultural competence and personal maturity through immersion in another culture.

St. Mary's University College London

St. Mary's University College offers all the advantages of a great London location, with the peace and safety of a leafy self-contained campus at Strawberry Hill.