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Natural History and Conservation Biology of Tanzania - East Africa

Students will observe and study the world's larges population of free-ranging mega fauna and visit traditional Tanzanian cultures while confronting issues of traditional economies, land ethics, wildlife conservation, subsistence, over-population and exploitation.

Mathematics and Mechanics of Byzantine, Greek, Roman and Islamic Architecture

Learn about Byzantine, Greek, Roman, and Islamic cultures through mathematics, engineering, and architecture.

Tropical Biology in Ecuador

Students will learn the biology of the tropics in Ecuador, a country with immense biological diversity.

ISEP: International Student Exchange Program

ISEP participants develop intercultural competence and personal maturity through immersion in another culture.

Astronomy of the Southern Skies

Study Astronomy in Tahiti where Polynesian people made many contributions in early history.

Discovering the Origins of Evolutionary Thought: Charles Darwin, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands

Explore Ecuador's Andes Mountains, Amazon Basin, and Galapagos Islands to experience the beauty and diversity that inspired Darwin.

The French Alps: Its Culture and Biology

Explore the intersection between biology and the people and culture of the Western Alps in this unique summer study abroad opportunity.

Northern Ireland

Through the Irish American Scholars Program, St. Ambrose can nominate three students to study abroad at one of four universities in Northern Ireland for the fall semester.