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Study Abroad


Short-term Programs

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SAU students in the French Alps.

Students study the intersections of culture and biology in the French Alps. Photo by SAU Professor, Kirk Kelley, PhD.

What is a short term program?

Short-term programs take place over winter break, spring break or during the summer. Winter programs last around three weeks and start after Christmas. Spring Break programs usually last 1-2 weeks. Summer programs typically last around 4-6 weeks. Summer internships range from 6-10 weeks.

Benefits of short term study abroad

  • First-year students are eligible to participate.
  • You can have an international experience without the extensive time commitment.
  • Graduate on time! Short term study abroad will enhance, not disrupt your academic schedule.
  • With so many program options, there is something for everyone.

Types of short term programs

  • Faculty-led courses
  • Summer study abroad programs
  • Volunteer 
  • Internships 
  • Language programs
Faculty-led courses

Travel with people you know. Courses are led by professors from SAU or our UMAIE partner schools. Enroll in one 3-week course and earn three or four credits. Programs last between one week to one month. Faculty-led program options change every year. Courses are offered during Winter break, Spring Break, or during the Summer.

Other summer  programs : Study Abroad, Volunteer Abroad, Intern Abroad

SAU students can also participate in summer programs offered by our trusted partners. Students usually spend between 3-6 weeks abroad and typically earn between 4-6 credits. Summer programs often focus on one specialized topic such as foreign language, business, art, etc... Students can also intern or volunteer abroad during the summer. 

Language programs

Studying abroad is a great way to learn a new language or improve your foreign language skills. If you are a major or minor in Spanish, French or German Studies, the Modern Languages department has a list of approved study abroad programs just for you.