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Islam in Turkey

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This course is accepting applications for the Winter 2014-15 term.

UMAIE Course Number:  T4472
SAU Course Equivalency:  +THEO 360, Advanced Topics in Theology (4 credit hours)
Instructors:  Dr. Adil Ozdemir and Halise Ozdemir, Theology, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota 
Prerequisites:  100-level Theology course
Dates:  Jan. 2, 2015-Jan. 27, 2015 (NOTE: SAU Classes begin January 14)
Location: Turkey (Mardin, Urfa, Gaziantep, Adana, Antakya, Cappadocia, Konya, Kutahya Izmir, Edime, Bursa, and Istanbul)
Price: $5,750-$6,050 (subject to change) 

Program description

It is no mere coincidence that President Obama chose Turkey as the first Muslim country to visit and as a site for an important address to what gets referred to as the Islamic world.

As it seeks its soul, its identity, between the European Union and the Islamic world, Turkey is both a battleground and a learning ground. New York Times reporter Stephen Kinzer declares that it is poised to be "the most audaciously successful nation of the twenty-first century." Turkey stands in a pivotal position, with the Bosphorus Bridge its great symbol of the geographical, political, and social spanning of both Europe and Asia. Islam is central to both the political significance and the mystery of Turkey. For centuries visitors have been struck with wonder at its remarkable tauheed, or unity, tolerance and hospitality.

This course familiarizes students with the basic beliefs and practices of Islam in Turkey, including worship, family life, and intellectual and artistic traditions. We will perceive Islam from both "insiders' perspectives" (reading the Quran and works on the Prophet Muhammad and challenges facing Muslims in contemporary Turkey), and from "outsiders' perspectives" (reading British, American, and secular Turkish writers who are imagining or describing Turkey and Muslims).

Site visits include Mosques, churches, madrasas, palaces, museums, ancient towns, and bazaars such as: Kasimiye Medresesi, Zinciriye Medresesi, Deyrulzafaran Manastiri, Ulu Cami, Mardin Kervansaray, Derik. Urfa Ibrahim Peygamber Mosque, Eyup Peygamber Mosque, The cave and Mosque of Abraham, Mevlid Halil Mosque and the Mosque of Rahman, Urfa Gumruk Han, MilletHan, Barutcu Han, Urfa center, Pool of Sacred Fish and the unique town of mud-brick beehive shaped houses in Urfa. Zeugma Archeological site in Belkis village, Sih Mosque, Tahtali Mosque, Antep Seker Han, Pasa Hani, Hisva Han, Kurkcu Han, Millet Han, the castle and Mosaic Museum, stone houses, covered bazaars and 16th century Mosques in Gaziantep. The underground city of Kaymakli, volcanic formations, deep valleys and rock dwellings in Cappadocia. Sultanhan Caravanserai, Mevlana Museum, Selimiye Mosque, Aladdin Mosque, Konya Karatay Ince Minare, Karatay Madrasa in Konya. Ephesus in Selcuk. Muradiye, Burda Koza Han, Grand and Green Mosques in Bursa, Bursa center. Edirne Selimiye Mosque, Eski Camii, Beyazit Medrese. The stunning Blue Mosque and historical Eyup Sultan Mosque, the world-famous Byzantine Hagia Sophia, lavish Ottoman Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. To experience Turkish friendship we also engage in interfaith and intercultural dialogue over dinners in the homes of local families.

What is included

  • Round-trip airfare from Moline, Chicago or Minneapolis
  • Airport transfers
  • Transportation to most course activities while abroad
  • Hotel Accommodation in double and triple rooms
  • Some meals (as indicated on course syllabus)
  • Entrance fees for required course activities
  • Administrative costs
  • International health insurance

What is not included

  • Passport fees
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • Fees for textbooks and materials
  • Meals not included in course fees - approximately $368
  • Personal baggage fees

How to apply

Priority Deadline: April 12, 2014
Step 1: Complete the online application. 
Step 2: Submit a $500 deposit to the Center for International Education (Lower Cosgrove). Make checks payable to SEMINARS INTERNATIONAL.
Step 3: Turn in a completed Liability Form to the Center for International Education (Lower Cosgrove).  
Step 4: Pay your remaining balance by November 1. Submit your payment to Cosgrove Hall, lower level. Make checks payable to St. Ambrose.

Applications will be accepted until October 1.
Students that apply after the April 13 Priority Deadline may find that their desired program is full.

Application and Payment details
  • Applications will not be reviewed until all application materials have been received.
  • The $500 deposit is deducted from the total program cost.
  • If you are not accepted into the program, or if the program is cancelled, the application deposit is refundable.
  • If you are accepted, the application deposit is non-refundable after September 17.
  • The final payment is non-refundable after November 1.
  • Failure to meet payment deadlines may jeopardize your place in the program.