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The Americas (North and South)

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Master of Speech-Language Pathology in Ecuador

Students will receive clock hours for clinical practice with children who have a variety of developmental disorders.
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Master of Occupational Therapy in Ecuador

MOT in Ecuador will increase students' knowledge and experience working with typically and atypically developing children with a pediatric occupational therapist in a community setting in Ecuador.
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Inside the Revolution: Life in Socialist Cuba - More information coming soon!

Cuba offers students a unique opportunity to see a strikingly different culture, one of the few remaining socialist states, and a formerly forbidden destination. See for yourself the reality and surreality of Cuban life in the ongoing socialist revolution.
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Chile: Land of Contrasts - More information coming soon!

Chile is representatitive of Latin diversity, economic and political stabilitiy, as well as offering a relatively safe and unique educational experience to student travelers. 
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Discovering the Origins of Evolutionary Thought: Charles Darwin, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands - More information coming soon!

Explore Ecuador's Andes Mountains, Amazon Basin, and Galapagos Islands to experience the beauty and diversity that inspired Darwin.
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Hawai'i: Multi-Cultural Communication in Diverse Organizations - More information coming soon!

Discover how multiculturalism plays a prominent role in the way individuals communicate in Hawaii.
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Hispanic Language, Linguistics and Culture through the lens of the Dominican Republic - More information coming soon!