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Rome and Christianity
Rome and Theology is an exploration of the theological developments that occurred precisely because of the confluence of Judeo-Christianity with Greco-Roman culture.
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Chiseling God: History, Culture and Divinity in Ancient Greece - More information coming soon!
An unforgettable course which explores the various ways ancient Greeks understood God by close examination of their cultural, archeological, architectural, and literary heritage.
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John Paul II in his Polish Context - More information coming soon!
Study the life and thought of John Paul II against the background of Polish history and culture.
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The Chemistry of Brewing in Belgium and Germany - More information coming soon!

Bloodletting, Graverobbing, and Dissection: The Development of Medicine and Anatomy from Antiquity to the Renaissance in Europe- More information coming soon!

A Wizard of Their Age: Harry Potter in Context (England, Scotland and Florida) - More information coming soon!

Mathematics and Mechanics of Byzantine, Greek, Roman and Islamic Architecture - More information coming soon!

Learn about Byzantine, Greek, Roman, and Islamic cultures through mathematics, engineering, and architecture.
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Street Haunting: Walking and Writing Ireland - More information coming soon!

Psychology of Sustainability in Germany - More information coming soon!

Learn why Germany has emerged as the world leader of environmental sustainability and how human behavior in general is related to solving global environmental problems.
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Archaeology and History in Rome - More information coming soon!

In this prime historical and archaeological world heritage site, we explore history, art, architecture and historical figures whose genius shaped ancient Roman society and culture.
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Gender, Race and Class and Mass Media in London - More information coming soon!

Explore the roles that journalism, advertising, and entertainment play in cultural values of gender, race, and class.
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Spanish Oral Expression and Culture, Business Spanish in Seville - More information coming soon!