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Rome and Christianity
Rome and Theology is an exploration of the theological developments that occurred precisely because of the confluence of Judeo-Christianity with Greco-Roman culture.
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Genocide, Rebellion and God in Germany
Using the Nazi holocaust as a case study, this course explores the theological implications of both genocide and also of the decisions of those who risk their lives to resist genocidal regimes.
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The Modernist Moment: Literature Between the Wars
This intermediate-level literature course explores the major ideas of modernism in the cafes, museums, bars, and bookstores where Ernest Hemingway, Langston Hughes, Virginia Woolf and other moderns worked and played in London, Paris, San Sebastian, and Madrid.
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The Theatre of England and Ireland 
Theatre studies leap from page to stage as students investigate historical and contemporary cultural roles of theatre in England and in Ireland.
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Arab & Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco
Students will be tracing the footsteps of the Arab invasion from Syria to Morocco and across to Gibraltar and through the most important cities of Medieval Muslim Spain.
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Spooks, Psychics, and Skeptics in the UK: Psychological Sciences Investigate the Paranormal

With visits to allegedly haunted sites such as Hampton Court Palace, tours of cutting-edge parapsychological laboratories at the Universities of London and Edinburgh, and day trips to the mystical village of Glastonbury and mysterious Loch Ness, we will explore the history and current status of psychological investigations into the paranormal. 
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Berlin Yesterday and Today: The Holocaust and Coming to Terms with the Past
Immerse yourself in the culture and history of the capital of Germany, as you build your language skills and cultural understanding through active learning and hands-on investigation.
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Archeology and History in Rome
In this prime historical and archaeological world heritage site, we explore history, art, architecture and historical figures whose genius shaped ancient Roman society and culture.
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