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The Americas (North and South)

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Master of Speech-Language Pathology in Ecuador

Students will receive clock hours for clinical practice with children who have a variety of developmental disorders.
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Writing About Place in Ecuador

In this writing workshop, we'll seek out ideas and experiences that fuel our writing, recording sensory, social, and personal contexts that allow us to see the world anew. 
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Education in Ecuador

Learn about diversity and inclusivity in the classroom while learning more about Ecuadorian culture and daily life. Open to all students who have been accepted into the Teacher Education program.
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Geography in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country of spectacular geographical and cultural contrasts, tropical coast and beautiful beaches, snow-capped Andean volcanoes, and lush Amazon rain forest, making it the ideal setting to study Physical Geography.
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Inside the Revolution: Life in Socialist Cuba 

Cuba offers students a unique opportunity to see a strikingly different culture, one of the few remaining socialist states, and a formerly forbidden destination. See for yourself the reality and surreality of Cuban life in the ongoing socialist revolution.
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Chile: Land of Contrasts

Chile is representatitive of Latin diversity, economic and political stabilitiy, as well as offering a relatively safe and unique educational experience to student travelers. 
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Discovering the Origins of Evolutionary Thought: Charles Darwin, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands 

Explore Ecuador's Andes Mountains, Amazon Basin, and Galapagos Islands to experience the beauty and diversity that inspired Darwin.
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Hawai'i: Multi-Cultural Communication in Diverse Organizations 

Discover how multiculturalism plays a prominent role in the way individuals communicate in Hawaii.
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Hispanic Language, Linguistics and Culture through the lens of the Dominican Republic 

This course provides the opportunity for students to frame their Spanish studies within the linguistics and cultral context of the Dominican Republic.
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