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Spring 2013 Colloquium

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“Saint Ambrose and Toleration”


At 2 p.m. on April 4, 2013, in the Ambrose Hall Lewis Board Room, the Academy for the Study of St. Ambrose of Milan spring colloquium presentation will feature Ethan Gannaway, PhD, executive coordinator of the Academy and visiting assistant professor of art history, who will discuss “Saint Ambrose and Toleration.”

Gannaway teaches and researches interdisciplinary topics centered on the ancient world, using text and image to understand the past with emphasis on ancient Rome, particularly late antique Rome, and the transition from traditional Roman culture to medieval, Christian culture. He specializes in Saint Ambrose of Milan. Click here to read some of Gannawy's thoughts on the subject of "Saint Ambrose and Toleration."

St. Ambrose University students are invited to present a response to his paper at the event. Interested students should contact James Hinderks, Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan intern for additional information.