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Transfer Guide: Business


• Students must apply and be admitted to SAU for general admission. Students are advised to apply a year in advance of the term they wish to transfer. Apply to SAU online
• The student should send the SAU Admissions Office a transcript for each term completed after submitting their application.
• The student must have a minimum grade of "C" to be in "good standing" for admission purposes.
• CLEP and Advanced Placement credit are subject to review for credit at SAU on an individual basis. Send these scores at the time you request a transcript be sent to SAU.
• A student who earns an AA or AS degree from BHC will be admitted to SAU as a junior. In order for students to graduate from BHC in the Business or Accounting Transfer curriculums, they must complete MATH 132 and MATH 228. SAU does not require these courses.
• The student can achieve a certain degree of specialization by selecting one of the different majors listed: Accounting, Economics, Finance, General Business, Management and Organizations, Marketing, or International Business.
• For students transferring with 30 semester hours or fewer, it is strongly recommended that BHC coursework include MATH 112 or 131; ECON 221 or 222, all of which would serve as prerequisites for business courses at SAU.
• Students earning the AA degree from BHC should reference the AA/AS Degree Planning Worksheet for appropriate course selection.
• Students planning to transfer prior to completion of the AA/AS at BHC, should reference SAU general education requirements.
• A maximum of 64 community college credits will be applied toward the minimum of 120 credits required for SAU graduation.

SUGGESTED COURSES - Include the following courses within the AA/AS degree.

NotesBHC CourseSHSAU Course
  ACCT 101 3 ACCT 201
ACCT 102 3 ACCT 202
  ACCT 103 1 Elective
ACCT 104 1 Elective
1 ACCT 205 (Accounting majors) 3 ACCT 307 (lower division)**
  ECON 221 3 ECON 201
  ECON 222 3 ECON 202
2 MATH 112 (or higher) 4 MATH 171
   HEAL 102 2 KIN 149
3,7 BL 202 or BA 230 or BA 240 3-6 BUS 201 or MKTG 209 or MKTG 310 (lower division)**
4 Foreign Language 0-8 Foreign Language
5 Philosophy 100 (formerly PHIL 202), 101, 103, 205, or 206; HIST 222 (see note) 3-6 Philosophy/Theology General Education Requirement

Students' assessment scores might indicate the necessity of prerequisite English, math or reading courses in addition to the courses suggested in this sequence

  1. Non-accounting majors should consult their BHC catalog for appropriate course selection. 
  2. Grade of "C" or better required. In the AA/AS degree, MATH 112 will be counted as an elective; students should also select at least one math course from the general education core.
  3. Appropriate course selection may vary based on the specific major chosen at SAU. Contact 563-333-6270.
  4. SAU requires three years of the same foreign language in high school or two semesters through level 102 in college.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one Philosophy course prior to transferring to SAU. Students not earning the AA/AS degree may meet up to six hours of the twelve hour Philosophy/Theology requirement prior to transfer by completing one Philosophy course and HIST 222 at BHC.  Students who earn the AA/AS degree at BHC will only need to complete 6 hours of Philosophy/Theology after transfer.  An introductory philosophy course is recommended to meet a humanities requirement at BHC, as well as meet a prerequisite for an upper level philosophy or theology course at SAU.
  6. ** ACCT 205 will not count toward 300 level requirements at SAU.
  7. BA 240 will not fulfill SAU writing intensive requirement.

This guide is not intended to be a contract with SAU. The information of this guide is subject to change; students are advised to contact SAU to keep informed of changes. Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student. Using this guide in conjunction with the BHC Catalog, the student will use to fulfill degree requirements. 

Updated: September, 2014