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Transfer Guide: Secondary Education


·       All students, regardless of major, who have successfully earned an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science (AA or AS) degree and attained an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4-point scale, will be admitted to SAU with junior status. All students seeking admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) must first apply and be accepted to SAU before applying to SAU's TEP.
·       For the TEP, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required cumulatively, 3.0 for all education core courses, and 3.0 for major/endorsement courses. Grades of "D" or "F" are not accepted.
·       Teacher education has a number of additional requirements that are enumerated by entrance year into the TEP, including minimum ACT scores. See SAU's TEP Admission Requirements.
·       Before gaining full admission to the St. Ambrose TEP, students must pass the Praxis Core Test.  Test scores need to be available by mid-July for students entering in fall and by mid-November for students entering in spring. 
·       Before gaining full admission to the St. Ambrose TEP, students must also complete 50 field hours of participation on-site at an approved local school as part of a transcripted class. Field experience must be recent and it must be related to the area in which a student seeks licensure. Students should consult with SAU early in their college course work on completing the participation and documentation required prior to entering the education major.
·       Students are encouraged to select courses at Black Hawk College that meet requirements for the AA or AS degree, as well as the requirements of their chosen major.
·       Students transferring prior to completion of the AA or AS degree should also reference SAU's general education requirements or consider transferring credits back to Black Hawk to earn the AA or AS degree after matriculation to St. Ambrose.
·       CLEP and Advanced Placement credit are subject to review for credit at SAU on an individual basis. Send these scores at the time you request a transcript be sent to SAU.
·       A maximum of 64 community college credits will be applied toward the minimum of 120 credits required for SAU graduation. It is recommended that students use this guide in conjunction with the AA or AS degree planning worksheets or catalog requirements for graduation.

Secondary Education majors should include the following courses within the AA/AS Degree.  Note: Students should consult an SAU advisor for requirements of the discipline they wish to teach.

NotesBHC CoursesSemester HoursSAU Equivalent
  HIST 105 or HIST 106 or POLS 122 3 HIST 201 or 202 or PSCI 101
 1 PSYC 260 3 EDUC 284
  CS 210 3 EDUC 282
 2 Philosophy 100, 101, 103, 205, or 206; HIST 222 (see note) 3-6 Philosophy/Theology General Education Requirement
  HEAL 102 2 KIN 149 (1 credit hour at SAU)
EDUC 210 2 SPED 310 (lower division credit)
3 Foreign Language 0-8 Foreign Language-General Education Requirement
4 Major courses 6-17 Consult an SAU advisor (see below)


Students' assessment scores might indicate the necessity of prerequisite English, math or reading courses in addition to the courses suggested in this sequence.

1.     PSYC 260 has a prerequisite of PSYC 101 with a grade of "C" or better.
2.     Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one Philosophy course prior to transferring to SAU. Students not earning the AA or AS degree may meet up to six hours of the twelve hour Philosophy/Theology requirement prior to transfer by completing one Philosophy course and HIST 222 at BHC. Students who earn the AA or AS degree at BHC will only need to complete 6 hours of Philosophy/Theology after transfer.  An introductory philosophy course is recommended to meet a humanities requirement at BHC, as well as a prerequisite for an upper level philosophy or theology course at SAU.
3.     All students must satisfy the foreign language requirement as follows: complete three years of study of the same foreign language in high school or demonstrate competency through the second semester of a language at the college level. The language requirement can be met by completing language courses at St. Ambrose University or at the community college if not met with high school course completion.
4.     Students are encouraged to consult an SAU advisor on selection of courses for the requirements of the discipline they wish to teach. When possible, courses selected for general education should overlap with major requirements.

St. Ambrose Contact
Pat Kretchman, Academic Advisor

Black Hawk Contact
Cathryn Lass 

This guide is not intended to be a contract with SAU. The information of this guide is subject to change; students are advised to contact SAU to keep informed of changes. Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student. Using this guide in conjunction with the BHC Catalog, the student will use to fulfill degree requirements. 

Updated: October 2016