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Transfer Guide: Art

This Guide is intended to assist students who plan to transfer to St. Ambrose University and pursue a B.A. in Art. Use this guide with an EICCD A.S. Graduation Worksheet to select your courses. Visit the Art Department website for more information on this major.

Note: This document was accurate on the date it was prepared but may not reflect subsequent changes by SAU or the colleges of EICC. For this reason this document should be used as a guide only and should not replace consultation with your community college advisor or SAU advisor.   

Transferring with a degree: Students who transfer to St. Ambrose with an A.A. or A.S. degree from a college of EICCD will be admitted to SAU with junior status.
Transferring without a degree:  Students who do not complete an associate degree prior to transfer will have their courses reviewed and accepted on a course-by-course basis.

Click here for Transfer Course Equivalency Guides.

SAU requires a minimum grade of C in English Composition II, speech and math courses.  

Foreign Language: SAU's foreign language requirement can be met by 3 years of study of the same foreign language in high school or by demonstrating competency through the second semester of a foreign language at the college level (complete 2 semesters of the same foreign language). American Sign Language may fulfill this requirement.

Courses from AA General Education degree categories:
Humanities – PHI:101, PHI:105, or PHI:110
Electives – PEH:109

Courses that fulfill Art Major course requirements at SAU:

EICC Course #

Title Credits SAU Equivalent
ART:120 2-D Design* 3 ART 203
ART:133 Drawing 3 ART 100
ART:134 Drawing II* 3 ART 207
ART:203 Art History I 3 AH 250
ART:204 Art History II* 3 AH 251


*SAU requires a minimum grade of B in these courses. All other Art coursework must be a C or above. Major GPA must be at least 3.0.

SAU Contact Person
Brandi Ahlers, Admissions Transfer Counselor

Updated September 2016