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Transfer Guide: Elementary Education

This plan assumes the student has met the foreign language requirement and does not need to take college reading, writing, or pre-college math. A bachelor's degree in Elementary Education may take 4 ½ years to complete.

* Does not count in 300 level requirement.
** Can take 1st semester language if needed.
# Student must earn an endorsement in one of the following: English, Math, Reading, Science, Foreign Language, History, Social Studies, Special Education.

Note: In order to be admitted to SAU's Teacher Education Program, the student must have passed all three sections of the PRAXIS and have a minimum ACT (composite) score of 21.

First Year - Classes taken at EICC


EICCCreditSAU Equivalent
ENG:105 Composition I 3 ENG Elective
HIS:151/152 US History 3 HIST:201/202
CSC:110 Intro to Computers 3 CSCI:120
SPC:112 Public Speaking 3 COMM:129
PSY:111 Intro to Psychology 3 PSYC:105
Total 15


EICCCreditSAU Equivalent
ENG:106 Composition II 3 ENGL:101
POL:111 American National Gov't 3 PSCI:101
PSY:223 Child & Adolescent Psych 3 EDUC:284
LIT:101 Intro to Literature 3 ENGL:120
MAT:117 Math for Elem Teachers 3 MATH:210
Total     15

Second Year - Classes taken at EICC


EICCCreditSAU Equivalent
EDU:110 Into to Teaching 2 EDUC:205
BIO:105 Introductory Biology 4 BIOL:101
EDU:255 Technology in the Class 3 EDUC:282
LIT:105 Children's Literature 3 EDUC:369*
Humanities Gen Ed 3
Int'l Perspective  Gen Ed 3/ 4**
Total 18


EICCCreditSAU Equivalent
Physical Science 4
Lit:110 American Literature 3 ENG:210
EDU:245 Exceptional Learner 3 SPED:310*
PEH:109 Personal Wellness 3 KIN:149
Fine Arts Gen Ed 3
Total 16

Third Year - Classes taken at SAU

EDUC:207 Orientation to Teaching 1 EDUC:372 Lang Arts & Reading in the Elem 3
EDUC:309 Educational Psych: Tests & Measurements, WI 3 EDUC:452 Diagnostic & Prescriptive Techniques Teaching Reading 4
MATH:211 Math Concepts for Teachers 3 EDUC:301 WI History & Philosophy of Educ 3
THEO Gen Ed 3 ART:340 Elementary Art Methods 2
MUSC:244 Music for Elem Classroom 2 KIN:302 Health and Physical Education 3
EDUC:371 Liberal Arts and Reading K-3 3 GEOG:201 Physical Geography 3
EDUC:329 Methods: Teaching Social Studies 3
Total 18 Total 18

Fourth Year - Classes taken at SAU

EDUC:354 Methods of Teaching Math 4 Student Teaching 15
PHIL:3XX Gen Ed 3 COMM:325 Introduction to Speech Path 3
EDUC:352 Teaching Biology & Earth Science 2 Total 18
EDUC:353 Physical Science Methods (K-8) 2
Plus Start on Endorsement # 9 to 19
Total 11+

Revised and prepared Aug. 2, 2016