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Transfer Guide: Pre-OT

St. Ambrose University currently admits 36 qualified students into the OTD program each fall.

• The OTD program is a 3-year post baccalaureate program, which includes coursework, fieldwork and internships
• Baccalaureate degree: All students admitted into the program must have their baccalaureate degree completed by June 1, before intended start in the OTD program in August. Students may select their baccalaureate degree of choice.
• Transfer students from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges must apply for admission to St. Ambrose University. A separate application to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program is required in the fall of senior year. Students must be admitted to the University as well as the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program. Admission to St. Ambrose University does not guarantee advancement into the graduate level OTD program.
• Students who plan to condense their undergraduate education into 3 years are encouraged to contact the OT department at: at the start of their college career or earlier, to obtain advising on coursework.
• Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher. Prerequisite GPA must meet a minimum of a 3.0. Grades for all prerequisite coursework must be available by the application deadline of December 1. In most cases that means all prerequisite coursework will need to be completed by the end of the junior year.

Prerequisite Courses

SAU CourseCredit HoursEICC Equivalency
BIOL 230 Anatomy and Physiology I w/lab 4 BIOL 168
BIOL 232 Anatomy and Physiology II w/ lab 4 BIOL 173
HS 250 Medical Terminology 4 HSC 113
PSYC 212 Lifespan 1 PSY 121
STAT 213 Statistics for Social Sciences 3 MAT 156
PHIL 207 Ethics OR PHIL 310 Biomedical Ethics 3 PHI 105
PSYC 215 Research Methods 3 Take at SAU

Application Procedures

1.     Applications are completed on the OT Centralized Application System. Complete full application online at Application deadline is December 1.

Applications includes:

a.     Three letters of recommendation are required. One of the letters of recommendation must be from an OT where observation hours were completed.
b.     Official GRE score. Submit directly to OTCAS with program code 7811. Information on the GRE is available at:
c.     Written personal statement

2. Submit supplemental materials directly to Rhonda Lane in the OT department at SAU. Supplemental materials include documentation of 50 hours of observation with an occupational therapist, in at least 2 different sites (e.g., pediatrics and inpatient rehabilitation.) Hours must be completed under an OTR (not a COTA.) Documentation of observation hours is required on letterhead or email directly from the department or facility, and signed by the supervising OTR.

Your supplemental materials can be turned in directly to the OTD office:

Rhonda Lane
Center for Health Sciences Education, office #224
1320 West Lombard Street
Davenport, Iowa 52804