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Transfer Guide: Teaching

This guide is intended to assist students who plan to transfer to St. Ambrose University and pursue a degree in Teaching. Use this guide with an EICCD A.A. Graduation Worksheet to select your courses. Click here for additional information about this major

Note: This document was accurate on the date it was prepared but may not reflect subsequent changes by SAU or the colleges of EICCD. For this reason this document should be used as a guide only and should not replace consultation with your community college advisor or SAU advisor.

Transferring with a degree:
Students who transfer to St. Ambrose with an A.A. or A.S. degree from a college of EICCD will be admitted to SAU with junior status, provided the student has earned at minimum a 2.00 Grade Point Average.

Transfer without a degree:
Students who do not complete an associate degree prior to transfer will have their courses reviewed and accepted on a course-by-course basis. Click here for Course Equivalencies.

SAU requires a minimum grade of C in English Composition II, speech, and math courses.

Foreign Language: SAU's foreign language requirement can be met by 3 years of study of the same foreign language in high school or by demonstrating competency through the second semester of a foreign language at the college level (complete 2 semesters of the same foreign language). American Sign Language may fulfill this requirement.

Admission to SAU Teacher Education Program: From Fall 2016 through Spring 2018, full admission to the SAU School of Education is granted if students meet the following requirements: ACT Composite score of 21 (or whatever score is in the top 50% nationally at that time); cumulative  3.0 GPA; Education 3.0 GPA; Content 3.0 GPA. See the SAU website or catalog for more information. Before full admission to the Teacher Education Program, students must pass the "Praxis I Combined Test" (#5750) - testing reading, math and writing at Test scores need to be available mid-July for students entering in the fall and by mid-November for students entering in the spring.

In addition to fulfilling education major requirements, SAU elementary and secondary education majors must also fulfill endorsement requirements. Knowing which endorsement you will be pursuing can be very helpful as you select courses to complete your A.A. degree. Refer to the SAU catalog for more information.

Create a Portfolio: Education majors should create a portfolio consisting of all education related coursework completed in the process of earning their A.A. degree. This portfolio will be used to assess your readiness for upper division education coursework. Consult with St. Ambrose for further details regarding appropriate materials to include in your portfolio.

General Education courses you will want to complete as you earn your AA:
Communications: ENG:105, ENG:106 and SPC:112
Humanities: PHI:101, PHI:105 OR PHI:110
Cultural/Historical:  HIS:151 or 152 will fulfill the US history course requirement for elementary education. Early childhood and secondary ed. majors need to complete this course OR a US government course (POL:111)
Social Sciences: POL:111 will fulfill the US government course requirement for elementary education.  Early childhood and secondary ed majors need to complete this course OR a US history course (HIS:151 or 152). PSY:111 fulfills an SAU course requirement for early childhood and elementary education majors.
Natural Science: Early childhood and elementary education majors should complete a biology course.
Math: MAT:117 fulfills a course requirement for elementary education majors.
Electives: PEH:109

Elective Courses

You will want to complete the following as elective courses while earning your AA; these courses fulfill course requirements of early childhood, elementary education, and secondary education majors at SAU:

EDU:110^ Exploring Teaching (=SAU EDUC 205**), 3 credits
Important: You must complete 50 hours of observation in EDU:110 in order to equate the course to SAU EDUC 205)

EDU:245 Exceptional Learner (= SAU SPED 310*), 3 credits
Important: You must complete 25 hours of observation in EDU:245 in order to equate the course to SAU SPED310)

EDU:255 Technology in the C/R (=SAU EDUC 308*), 3 credits
PSY:223 Child & Adolescent Psych (= SAU PSYC/EDUC 284), 3 credits

*Will not count toward upper division credit at SAU.
**SAU requires a grade of B or above in this course.
^EDU:110 Exploring Teaching has a prerequisite of EDU:212 Educational Foundations    

SAU Contact Person:
Brandi Ahlers
Admissions Transfer Counselor

Updated November 2014