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Complete all the General Education requirements for the Biology Transfer A.S., including:

Suggested MVCC ClassesSAU Equivalency
BIO 111 General Biology I** BIOL 199 General Biology I: Foundations of Living Systems
BIO 112 General Biology II ** BIOL 200 General Biology II: Functions of Living Systems
CHM 131 Chemistry I ** CHEM 105 General Chemistry I
CHM 132 Chemistry II CHEM 106 General Chemistry II
CHM 203 Organic Chemistry CHEM  207 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 204 Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 208) CHEM 108 Introduction to Chemical Research
MTH 141 College Algebra MATH 171 Elementary Functions
MTH 139 Probability and Statistics STAT 213 Applied Statistical Reasoning for Sciences

**Count as General Education credits