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Complete all the General Education requirements for the Engineering A.S. Transfer, including:

Suggested MVCC ClassesSAU Equivalency
MTH 150 Calculus I/Analytic Geometry MATH 191 Calculus And Analytic Geometry I
MTH 151 Calculus II/Analytic Geometry MATH 192 Calculus And Analytic Geometry II
MTH 152 Calculus III/Analytic Geometry MATH 291 Calculus And Analytic Geometry III
PHY 203 Mechanics PHYS 251 General Physics I: Mechanics
PHY 204 Heat, Electricity & Magnetism PHYS 253 General Physics Ii: Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism
CHM 131 Chemistry  I CHEM 105 General Chemistry I
CHM 132 Chemistry II CHEM 106 General Chemistry Ii

Recommended Elective MVCC Classes SAU Equivalency 
EGN 150 Engineering Graphics ENGR 112 Engineering Graphics
EGN 201 Engineering Statics ENGR 280 Statics and Strength Materials
EGN 202 Engineering Dynamics ENGR 302 Engineering Dynamics
MTH 139 Probability and Statistics STAT 213 Applied Statistical Reasoning for the Sciences

Note: SAU requires a minimum GPA of 2.50 for all semester credits used to satisfy major requirements. A grade of "C" or better must be received in all MATH courses to be awarded credit.

Updated September 2016