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Mechanical Engineering

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• Students following this degree plan will earn the Associate Degree in Science prior to transfer to SAU.
• The St. Ambrose Mechanical Engineering Program will apply for accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) after its first graduate in May 2014. ABET oversees that the course requirements, quality of instruction and the control of the curriculum meet or exceed nationally established requirements.
• To graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SAU requires a minimum GPA of 2.50 for all semester credits used to satisfy major requirements. A grade of "C" or better must be received in all MATH courses to be awarded credit.
• Engineering Seminars (ENGR 201, 301 and 401) are required for all engineering majors and should be taken by the time a student has completed approximately 50, 75, and 100 percent, respectively, of the engineering course requirements.
• A maximum of 64 community college credits will be applied toward the semester hours required for SAU graduation; however, some hours beyond the limit accepted may be used to meet degree requirements or course prerequisites. The SAU Registrar has the final authority for accepting credit for transfer.
• Students attending continuously but on a part-time basis are expected to complete the requirements within eight years.

Download the Planning Guide (pdf) Updated: October 2013

The following courses should be included within the AA/AS Degree.
First Year - Scott Community College Courses

Fall Hrs. Spring Hrs. Summer Hrs.
ENG 105 or 107 Composition I 3 ENG 106 or 108 Composition II 3 Cultural and Historical Perspective 3
MAT 210 Calculus I 4 MAT 216 Calculus II 4    
EGR 160 Intro to Engineering 3 CHM 165 General Chemistry I 4    
Arts and Humanities 3 PHY 212 Classical Physics I 5    
CSC 110 Intro to Computers 3        
Total= 16 Total= 16 Total= 3


Second Year - Scott Community College Courses

Fall Hrs. Spring Hrs. Summer Hrs.
MAT 227 Differential Equations 4 MAT 156 Statistics 3 ECN 120  or 130 Economics 3
PHY 222 Classical Physics II 5 MAT 219 Calculus III 4    
EGR 180 Statics 3 EGR 280 Dynamics 3    
SPC 112 Speech 3 EGR 380 Deformable Bodies 3    
EGR 290 Thermodynamics 3 Arts and Humanities 3    
Total= 18 Total= 16 Total= 3
Total SCC Program Hours = 72


Third Year - St. Ambrose University Courses

Fall Hrs. Spring Hrs. Summer Hrs.
ENGR 112 Engineering Graphics 4   ENGR 265 Engineering Economy   3 ENGR 450 Professional Experience 1
ME 310 Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation     3   ENGR 270 Materials Science   2    
Technical Elective 3     Theology/Philosophy 300+     3    
ENGR 201 Engineering Service 0 ME 405 Control Theory 3    
Phys 306 Electronics 3 MATH 290 Linear Algebra 3    
*Foreign Language 3 ENGR 301 Engineering Participation 0    
Kin 149 Health and Wellness 1        
Total= 17 Total= 14 Total= 1


Fourth Year - St. Ambrose University Courses

Fall Hrs. Spring Hrs. Summer Hrs.
ENGR 296 Manufacturing Processes   4 ME 351 Design Lab 3    
ME 350 Machine Design 3 ME 410 Heat and Mass Transfer 3    
ME 415 Mechatronics 3 ME 490 Senior Design 3    
ME 412 Applied Thermodynamics 2 ENGR 401 Exit Survey 0    
ME 315 Fluid Mechanics 3 Philosophy/Theology Elective 3    
    *Foreign Language 3    
Total= 15 Total= 15 Total=   
Total Program Hours SCC/SAU - 72/62=134

*Three years of foreign language in high school fulfills Foreign Language requirement.

This guide is not intended to be a contract with SAU. The information on this guide is subject to change; students are advised to contact SAU to keep informed of changes. Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student.