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The Library provides a wealth of information and support for current students and community members.

You will not suffer from a lack of attention at St. Ambrose. Our community is here to support you in many practical and entertaining ways:

  • Orientation is about building relationships. You and you family will connect with orientation leaders, financial aid counselors, faculty members and staff through a series of informative activities and social gatherings. You may even meet your future roommate!
  • Welcome Week ushers you into the community. After our faculty, staff, and students help you move into your new residence hall, you'll meet classmates during a Color Run, learn about our clubs, athletics and service opportunities at Club Fest, and receive a standing ovation as faculty and staff "clap you in." (One of our many Ambrose traditions.)
  • New Student Seminar, an extended orientation course, will teach you effective time management, note-taking and test taking skills, and inform you about campus resources and academic policies.
  • The Student Success Center helps students achieve their potential by offering academic and tutorial support to all St. Ambrose students in a low-pressure setting and at no cost.
  • Accessibility Resource Center provides qualified students with services or reasonable accommodations to reduce the effects a disability may have on their performance in a traditional academic setting.
  • The Office of Student Retention offers great individualized support for students – commuters included!
  • The Counseling Center gives one-on-one support, confidential counseling, mental health screenings, and more.
  • Campus Ministry provides students with several opportunities for developing leadership within the church and for personal growth, regardless of one's faith.
  • Your RAs help build a safe, supportive and empowering community and serve as a built-in resource in your residence hall.
  • Through a host of service opportunities, every student – varsity athletes, passionate environmentalists, and many others – can support people and organizations in need.
  • Small-group work in classes will help you get to know other students easily and naturally.