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The Library provides a wealth of information and support for current students and community members.

You will not suffer from a lack of attention at St. Ambrose. Our community is here to support you in many practical and entertaining ways:

  • Orientation is about building relationships. You and you family will connect with orientation leaders, financial aid counselors, faculty members and staff through a series of informative activities and social gatherings. You may even meet your future roommate!
  • Welcome Week ushers you into the community. After our faculty, staff and students help you move into your new residence hall, you'll meet classmates playing Capture the Flag and watching outdoor movies on our inflatable screen, learn about our clubs, athletics and service opportunities at Club Fest, and receive a standing ovation as faculty and staff "clap you in." (One of our many Ambrose traditions.)
  • New Student Seminar, an extended orientation course, will teach you effective time management, note-taking and test taking skills, and inform you about campus resources and academic policies.
  • The Student Success Center helps students achieve their potential by offering academic and tutorial support to all St. Ambrose students in a low-pressure setting and at no cost.
  • The Student Disability Services office provides qualified students with disabilities services or reasonable accommodations to reduce the effects a disability may have on their performance in a traditional academic setting.
  • The Office of Student Retention offers great individualized support for students-commuters included!
  • The Counseling Center gives one-to-one support, homesickness groups, monthly seminars and Blackboard posts to reach out to others.
  • Campus Ministry provides students with several opportunities for developing leadership within the church and for personal growth, regardless of one's faith.
  • Your RAs help build a safe, supportive and empowering community and serve as a built-in resource in your residence hall.
  • Through a host of service opportunities, every student – varsity athletes, passionate environmentalists, and many others – can support people and organizations in need.
  • Small-group work in classes will help you get to know other students easily and naturally.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The minds of three professors dreamed up the Summer Research Institute, an intensive, six-week undergraduate research opportunity that guides students along and through the discovery and autonomous processes of research. 

The Institute is but one of a number of university-wide research initiatives that have been championed by Ambrose faculty over the past few years. Sharing scholarly work with a larger audience not only propels the university forward, but also greatly enhances the overall academic experience for Ambrose students and faculty alike.

"Instead of having authoritative professors influencing our project, we had faculty who were more interested in guiding us in the right direction, letting us tackle the projects on our own," said Teresa Popp '12, a then-senior biology major. "Without research, we would be stuck in a 'cut-it-open-to-see-how-it-works' type of questioning, rather than a 'why-does-it-work' and 'how-does-that-influence-other-things' type of questioning."

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