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Accepted Students

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Ambrose! Now that you have the acceptance letter in hand, we can help you envision yourself as an Ambrosian.

  • Expect a cascade of welcomes during your first week, from outdoor Mass at the Grotto and standing ovations from faculty and staff, to one-on-one meetings with your advisors and lunch with professors. Read up on our traditions and mascot, the bees.
  • Prepare to join a residence hall community – not just a dorm room. Explore your housing and roommate selection options.
  • Get ready for your first year! The New Student Seminar course will help you get accustomed to expectations in college, as well as developing close friendships along the way. And the First Year Experience office is also pretty adept at handling First Year questions and being a resource for parents.
  • Begin exploring the variety of off-campus activities. Whether it’s a Quad City Symphony Orchestra, our QC Mallards pro hockey team or the minor league baseball Quad Cities River Bandits (a Houston Astros affiliate), there is something sure to catch your interest in the Quad Cities.
  • Visit campus: Nothing makes a better case than experiencing Ambrose life first-hand. We'll tailor the visit to your specific interests that can include talking to professors, sitting in on a class, and an overnight stay.

What to bring

The folks at Residence Life have posted a list of essentials for your room, like bedding, a study lamp and a roll of quarters for laundry.

In addition to stuffing those giant rolling duffel bags with dry erase boards, posters, and your game console of choice, you can begin packing your "emotional suitcase." You may be anxious about being away from home for the first time, but rest assured, you're not alone. Our small campus community will quickly put you at ease, and you can do the same for others.

  • "Anytime you come to a new place, you feel alone. Then you realize that everyone has to make new friends and you're all in the same boat." – Jacyln Harrington '10, Education
  • "I was nervous about organizing the right classes and how to get involved in activities. I'd call the Admissions office just about every other day. After I got to campus though, everything fell into place." – Maria Naert '11, German, History and English
  • "I had 27 people in my graduating class, so coming to St. Ambrose was a bit of a transition. Once I moved into my hall, it was easy to meet new people." – Rachel Taylor '09, Theology