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Placement Information

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Chemistry Placement

Students planning to major in Biology, Chemistry and Exercise Science are required to take a Chemistry Placement Test. Those interested in Nursing or Occupational Therapy do not need to take this test. This is a 45-minute, multiple choice test which is completed during your orientation event. Your test score will determine your readiness for required Chemistry and Biology courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I prepare for this test?
A: Students are encouraged to review old high school chemistry notes or find an on-line review site to refresh your chemistry.

Do I need to bring anything?
A: No, calculators are not permitted--pencils and scratch paper will be provided.

Math Placement

Math Placement at St. Ambrose is determined by your Math ACT sub-score. Students with an ACT math sub-score ≤ 21 will complete an ALEKS online math program this summer to prepare you for the math course needed for your field of study. Information will be provided to you during orientation. Students with an ACT math sub-score ≥ 22 will discuss your math requirements when you meet with your advisor during orientation.