Orientation FAQs

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What do I need to bring for the overnight stay in the residence halls?
Bedding and towels are provided. Please bring any personal belongings you desire. We recommend a light jacket and umbrella if the weather calls for rain.

Is it mandatory for students to spend the night?
We strongly encourage students to spend the night on campus even if you are not going to be living on campus in the fall. There are events that run until late in the evening, and this is the time that you can meet your future classmates!

Can parents spend the night on campus?
We do not have housing available on-campus for parents.

Do any hotels give a discount when visiting SAU?
Visit www.visitquadcities.com for a list of local hotels. Mention SAU for possible discounts. The majority of hotels are within 10-15 minutes of campus.

Is there a cost for meals?
No. Breakfast and lunch are included on the second day. Please plan to eat dinner prior to arriving on campus.

Will I be with my child during class selection?
Parents and students are not together during this time. However, parents will have the opportunity to meet with the advisor and ask questions.

Where do I meet my child in the morning?
In the Rogalski Center ballroom.

Do I need pens, pencils, or notepad?
Pens and notepads are provided.

Is it mandatory to go to Mass?
No. Mass is held at 8 a.m. and all are welcome!

How long will I be on campus (the second day)?
The last session ends at 2:30 p.m. and you should be finished between 3–3:15 p.m. Please plan to stay the entire day. We are not able to alter your schedule for the day.

Can parents come to some, but not all, of the sessions?
Yes, however we encourage you to attend as much as possible.

If I find a roommate, how can I let the Residence Life Office know?
There are forms to complete in the Dean of Students and Residence Life at orientation (both offices are in the Rogalski Center).

Can guests other than my parents attend orientation?
We ask that you limit it to three guests (in addition to the student).

How do I know if I need testing?
This information was mailed to you. Please call the Placement Office at 563/333-6331 with questions or visit the Student Success Center website.

How are the students supervised during the night they stay on campus?
The students will be supervised by a STAR, who is an upperclassman chosen to be an orientation leader. There will be a few STARs on each floor with the students overnight.

What is the weekend attire?
Dress is casual. We recommend a light jacket and umbrella if the weather calls for rain.

Can students leave campus during the night?
No, students should stay on campus during the night.

Will there be entertainment in the evening?
STARS will be providing several activities to keep students busy during the evening. These include the game room, cards, video games, board games, gym and fitness center for basketball and volleyball, bags games.

Where do we park?
Parking is available in the Rogalski Center lot and no permit is needed.

Where is a campus map?
Click here for the campus map

When do I get my student ID?
You'll have your ID photo taken and receive your student ID card at Orientation.

Will I be able to go over Financial Aid and set up a payment plan?
Each student and parent has an individual appointment with a financial aid representative. This is a scheduled part of the day, and separate appointments do not need to be made. Payment plan options also will be covered. Financial Aid assistance is located in our Bee Central office on the first floor of Ambrose Hall.

Placement Test Information

Students planning to major in Biology, Chemistry, or Exercise Science are required to take a Chemistry Placement Test. Those interested in Nursing or Occupational Therapy do not need to take this test. This is a 45-minute, multiple choice test which is completed during your orientation event. Your test score will determine your readiness for required Chemistry and Biology courses.

How can I prepare for this test?
Students are encouraged to review old high school chemistry notes or find an online review site to refresh your chemistry.

Do I need to bring anything?
No, calculators are not permitted; pencils and scratch paper will be provided.