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Making the decision of which college to attend can be as difficult on parents as it is for the child who's about to "hit the books." Of course, you'd love for your child to choose the "College of Near Mom and Dad" (but we recognize that it doesn't always happen that way).

To help ease the decision making – and transition – process for you, we've enlisted the expert advice of our support staff to compile a list of resources that will help you and your child successfully navigate through the college search process:

  • Admissions Process: Information on how to apply for admission to St. Ambrose, requirements, and a recommended timeline.
  • Core Requirements: We recommend high school students take four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years of science, three years of social studies, and three years in a single foreign language.
  • First Year Experience: While your student is away, we would like to offer tips, suggestions, and useful resources to help parents adapt to this transition as well.
  • Career ServicesSo they've been studying for years now and then what? With our Career Center, students don't ask that question very often. Throughout their time at St. Ambrose, students are assisted in identifying and developing career goals and then apply their academic achievements and learning to their professional goals.
  • Residence Life: Ambrose offers some of the best housing in the Midwest. Period. Your son or daughter may want to check out our residence life page, or take a tour of campus.
  • Athletics: Our varsity teams are consistently on the top of the conference standings. And, they're winners on and off the field, consistently receiving All-Academic Honors and being recognized for community service work that is integral to building a great athletic team. Ambrose offers great athletic scholarships as well.
  • Student Activities: With over 50 clubs and organizations to choose from, your son or daughter will have plenty to do. At Ambrose, boredom is an elective!
  • The Arts: Music, theatre and art are second-to-none on campus, and scholarships are offered for both majors and non-majors.
  • Safety and Security: Perhaps most important of all, through proactive educational programming, crime prevention, intervention, and increasing crime awareness among members of the university community, Ambrose consistently works to maintain an environment conducive to our educational mission.

What are we missing? If there's information that you – as a parent – would like to see on this webpage, email us at