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Let's talk about student loan debt

The last thing any student wants to leave college with is a mountain of student loan debt. Our financial aid programs are designed to make college affordable ... before and after graduation.


 –  1 in 4  –

St. Ambrose students graduate with no student loan debt.

How does this compare to a public university?

Glad you asked. In comparison to one of our regional public universities, St. Ambrose University students incurred just $1,593 more in annual student loan debt. 

drawing of blue coffee cup

Let's put that amount into perspective: Give up one large vanilla latte per day and you'll make up the difference! 

Bee Smart

Keep in mind our four-year graduation rate is better than most public universities. Here, you're more likely to graduate sooner (saving additional years of tuition costs). That helps keep your overall loan debt to a minimum. And it means you can start earning a living in your career sooner.