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Bee Finished in Four Years

First Year students: We'll help you graduate in four years.

St. Ambrose University is committed to helping students complete their undergraduate degrees in a timely manner. To demonstrate this commitment, we've established the BEE Finished in Four Years Plan.

Students who adhere to the plan terms are guaranteed to graduate on time—in four years or less. If any coursework remains after four years, the university will waive tuition and fees for that coursework.

St. Ambrose has always done a good job of graduating students on-time. The BEE Finished Plan takes that commitment to an even higher level of making college affordable, because in addition to only paying for four years of school (as opposed to five or six years), students also can enter the work force sooner (and earn a paycheck!).

And with average lifetime earnings for college graduates at $2.3 million—$1 million higher than having a high school diploma alone—college clearly offers a lifetime return on investment.

First Year students will have until the fifth week of the spring term to sign the agreement. The plan includes terms that support four-year completion such as registering on-time, remaining in good academic standing, completing a required minimum amount of credit hours each year, choosing a major in a timely manner, and working closely with academic advisors. Learn about the Plan Terms

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