Tuition & Fees

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St. Ambrose University sets rates for tuition and fees each year, typically in late-winter or early-spring. Tuition, fees, room and board are due each semester before students attend class, unless payment arrangements are made with the Student Account Services Office.


Undergraduate Student Tuition 

Undergraduate rates effective starting in the summer of 2015 through spring semester of 2016: 

  • part-time (1-11 semester credits), per semester credit hour $866
  • full-time (12-18 semester credits), per year $28,100
  • other (19 or more semester credits), per semester credit $866

Graduate Student Tuition

Rates for graduate students vary by program; click here for more information. 

Accelerated Programs for Adults Tuition 

Rates are effective starting with the fall semester and run through the summer semester. Visit the Accelerated Programs for Adults tuition site for current rates.


All students attending St. Ambrose University will be assessed a technology fee based upon courseload. Some courses carry additional fees.

  • Undergraduate/Accelerated students taking 12 or more credit hours $280/yr. ($140/semester) 
  • Undergraduate/Accelerated students taking 11 or less credit hours $140/yr. ($70/semester) 
  • Graduate level students taking 9 or more credit hours $280/yr. ($140/semester)
  • Graduate level students taking 8 or less credit hours $140/yr. ($70/semester)