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Sample Financial Aid Packages

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Nicholas Steinbach '11, an elementary special education major, receives an Academic Scholarship, an Athletics Scholarship for playing on the basketball team, an Iowa Tuition Grant and works in the Admissions Office through work study. With much of his financial need met, Steinbach can focus more on being the best student he can. He says, "I wanted the private school atmosphere and the least amount of post graduation debt. Ambrose financial aid made that happen."

Justine Petesch '12, a theatre major, certainly found this to be the case. After winning an Academic Scholarship, a Music Scholarship, and a Theatre Scholarship, one of her teachers encouraged her to apply for the Michael Kennedy Theatre Scholarship, which she hadn't heard of previously. Petesch was awarded the scholarship, making her parents "really happy." "Ambrose awards aid for students' talents, not just smarts. There's so much opportunity for financial support out there. Just keep your eyes open!"

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