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Recognized as one of the Midwest's best colleges and universities, St. Ambrose University appeals to all kinds of students who seek academic challenge in a caring environment with opportunities to both serve others and develop as leaders.

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Our learning environment

We offer more than 60 majors, with the flexibility to mix majors, minors and electives to match your interests. So while you may be focused on a program like Public Relations, you can also develop the eco-friendly side of your brain by minoring in Environmental Studies, preparing you to become a communications expert in the fast-growing green industry. What's more, you don’t have to major in a subject to participate in a lot of the activities you did in high school, like band, chorus and theatre.

Small classes—and the encouragement of your professors—make it easy to put your ideas into practice. In the Women and Gender Studies program, students created an event for the community as part of Ambrose's Multicultural Week to raise awareness about violence against women. Students were involved from start to finish—organizing the event, performing monologues and donating the proceeds to women who are struggling to put their lives back together after Hurricane Katrina and to a local women's shelter.

Faculty members are committed to your personal growth, and you'll only be taught by professors (not TAs). Many integrate service with their professional passions. Fr. Robert "Bud" Grant, a theology professor who teaches Environmental Ethics, received an Education Eddy Award from River Action Inc. for his environmental education work in and around the Quad Cities. He serves on local and state environmental committees; moreover, he helped produce a storm water mitigation plan that has changed both the university’s and Davenport’s water collection and retention practices. Our faculty members live what they teach.

Our student life environment

Our spirited community, athletics, campus concerts, and outstanding residence halls are just a few of the features our university is known for. Our students represent many different faiths, and they are inspired by our inclusive community, the tenets of our Catholic intellectual tradition, and our commitment to social justice. Interpersonal relationships and an involved community provide the foundation for learning.


The students and faculty from visual arts, theatre and music treated the campus to a four-day show of lights, shapes and sounds. Together, they created The Cube, an 8’x8’x8’ academic laboratory with translucent sides to exemplify the commonalities in the "compositional languages" of the arts. Near and inside the multimedia installation, students shaped sounds, lights and physical materials to generate a unified visual and audio experience on the external surfaces. Different groups of students or faculty members presented a new sound/light show every night.