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Class Profiles

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Size of the application pool: 2954
Number offered admissions: 2766

Number of high schools represented by application pool: 715
Number of high schools represented by enrolled pool: 252

Number of female students enrolled: 290
Number of male students enrolled: 234
Male/female ratio: 45/55

Total: 524

Quintile Report*

High School Rank
(Normally reported in percentages of submitted scores; not all schools provide high school rank)
Top 10 percent of high school graduating class: 46 (15%)
Top 25 percent: 108 (35%)
Top 50 percent: 224 (72%)

ACT composite (average): 22.72
GPA (average): 3.232
# of students with perfect 4.0 GPA: 35

Students who took college courses in high school: 172

Geographic distribution

States represented: 9

Countries represented by our total undergraduate class:
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom

Percentage Reporting Catholic: 43%

* 2014-15 First Year Class