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Meet the Counselors

Our Admissions Counselors are the friendliest people on the planet (or at least that's what we're told). But seriously, they're great people who believe in St. Ambrose and all the institution has to offer. And they'll be here for you, to answer any question that you may have, host you on-campus, and walk you through the admissions process. Take a few minutes to learn more about the person you'll be talking to quite a bit in the coming months.

Meg Halligan '89Meg Halligan '89

Director of Admissions

As an alum and self-proclaimed "lifer," Meg couldn't imagine being any happier anywhere else. She loves what she does.


Becky Stremlow '98, '02 MBABecky Stremlow '98, '02 MBA

Director of Recruitment

Becky graduated with a degree in occupational therapy, and perhaps it was some of the meticulous organizational skills that she learned in the classroom that makes her particular about the organization of her office.


Erin Girsch '94Erin Girsch '94

Assistant Director

"Spirit! Let's hear it!" As the wife of one of the Fighting Bee's football coaches, Erin remains soft-spoken in the office, saving her voice for the games.


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