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Meet the Counselors

Lynn RiderLynn Rider

Lynn will help you with all of the details, because that's what she's known for; Lynn will walk you through the entire college selection process with a checklist in hand and answer any question you might have. Don't be shy – Lynn is happy to tell you why SAU is a good fit!


Alexis RobertsAlexis Roberts

At Ambrose, Alexis found that "there's no place like home" and landed her dream job as an Admissions Counselor. She will help you find your place at SAU!


Lisa StanforthLisa Stanforth

Lisa's parents met at St. Ambrsoe, and now she's thrilled to be an admissions counselor here.


Becky Stremlow '98, '02 MBABecky Stremlow '98, '02 MBA

Becky graduated with a degree in occupational therapy, and perhaps it was some of the meticulous organizational skills that she learned in the classroom that makes her particular about the organization of her office.


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