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Brandi Ahlers '10


Assistant Director

Adult and Transfer Admissions

Admissions and Welcome Center
Corner of Locust and Brady Streets
310 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803


Territory: Iowa two- and four-year institutions
At St. Ambrose since 1998

What I look for

Students with goals and the drive to succeed. I work with transfer students interested in completing their degree while often times juggling work, family, and other obligations.

A bit about Brandi

Brandi is a proud St. Ambrose alumna, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

What I like about my job

I enjoy working with students who remind me of myself — students who are excited to go to the next level and complete their bachelor's degree. I  want to help them achieve their goals and want to be a guide to make sure they can get a degree from St. Ambrose, so admissions, financial aid and advising questions are always welcome.

My hobbies

All of my free time is spent watching my kids participate in athletic events. I am their biggest fan and taxi service. BEEP! BEEP!

Connections to SAU

I was a non-traditional transfer student when I earned my degree from St. Ambrose. I have walked in your shoes and am very empathetic to the challenges of getting a bachelor's degree as a non-trad. I can tell you that it is very rewarding and worth every minute of the hard work you have to put into it. A degree opens many doors and opportunities regardless of your age.

Most commonly asked question

Will my classes transfer into St. Ambrose?
And Brandi's answer:
The university has agreements with community colleges to ensure that you get credit for the classes you have already taken. I have a background in advising and can give you many options to help you achieve your education goals.

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