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Admissions Counselor

Territory: Southern and Eastern Iowa (except Dubuque and Davenport)
At St. Ambrose since 2012

reality dedicated staff

What I look for

Enthusiasm. College is a time to discover your true self both in and out of the classroom. I love meeting students who are ready to live in the moment and have fun while learning from every hand that life deals them. Just always remember "YOGOWYPI," (you only get out what you put in)!

A bit about Ann

As a 2010 graduate of St. Ambrose, Ann says "It feels un-BEE-lievably great to be back!" Originally from Burlington, Iowa, Ann married her longtime love shortly after college graduation and spent the last couple years living in and exploring the Twin Cities. However, when she heard there was a chance to reconnect with her alma mater, she didn't hesitate to settle back into the Quad Cities and start spreading the good word about SAU to prospective students. Ann is always happy to meet new people and willing to help in any way.

What I like about my job

The better question is "What's NOT to like?" Working as an Admissions Counselor allows me to really put my college experience into action and show students what St. Ambrose is all about! I get to work in a welcoming family atmosphere while helping students and their families through the very important process of choosing the right fit for school. FUN is the best word to describe my job.

My hobbies

I'm happy doing anything as long as it involves my family and friends! My nieces and nephews can usually keep me pretty busy. I'm always reading at least one book and constantly adding new places to my "Travel-Wish-List." I enjoy running races with my husband and then watching movies to relax.

Connections to SAU

I visited St. Ambrose while college searching and was instantly HOOKED. I graduated from SAU in 2010 and although I didn't know SAU very well before attending, I now have endless connections and amazing friends-it feels great to be an Ambrosian. My husband Spencer also is a 2010 Ambrose graduate.

Most commonly asked question

Does St. Ambrose offer Study Abroad?
And Ann's answer: YES INDEED! St. Ambrose has an excellent Study Abroad Program that offers opportunities across the globe. Australia, Ireland, Italy, and Ecuador are only just a few; the list goes on and on. Studying Abroad is a chance to see both the world and yourself in a different light and to grow in numerous ways.