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Vicki Hruby

Office Manager

Main Campus
Ambrose Hall
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803


What I look for

I love to meet students who are excited about new experiences and challenges and a belief that they can accomplish their goals. Friendliness and a great attitude round off my list. I believe that work ethic and fun should be hand in hand!! We work hard in admissions and have a lot of fun.

A bit about Vicki

As the first face you're likely to see in the Admissions Office, Vicki enjoys coordinating visits and meeting families. She likes this only second to supervising her 20-plus work study students. An "empty nester," Vicki empathizes particularly with parents about to send their babies to college. She is an "honorary mom" to many students, adopting just about any one that crosses her path. She loves seeing students mature and grow, but misses them when they graduate.

What I like about my job

There is never a dull moment, setting up over 1,000 individual visits each year and wanting each family to see why I love SAU! Luckily, I love talking on the phone and love people. I work with faculty and staff to coordinate visits, and talk to families about the wonderful opportunities a St. Ambrose education can offer. We have up to 20 individual visits in a day.

My hobbies

When not working, I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and my dog Molly (who is a reminder to my husband and I that our kids were easy to raise).

Most commonly asked question

How do I get to SAU?
And Vicki's Answer: In reality, St. Ambrose is really easy to find. But of course, getting to SAU depends on where you're coming from. So I open my trusty Google Map and walk families step-by-step through directions from the Land of the Lost to SAU.